What can we do for you?

The work of a Therapist is crucial to patient recovery and rehabilitation. Through targeted care plans tailored to specific needs, Therapists fix people from the outside in. Similarly, SkyBridge Healthcare will help you find the perfect place to apply your personal skill set. SkyBridge Healthcare is committed to providing the best compensation packages in the industry. Our Therapist Recruiters will work with you to find assignments that align with your career goals and assist with travel arrangements to your preferred locations. Once you become a Travel Therapist with SkyBridge Healthcare, our goal is to keep you with the SkyBridge family. Throughout your career with us you will have the opportunity to receive raises, retention and referral bonuses, and a competitive benefit package.

What roles do we have?

SkyBridge Healthcare helps place Therapy professionals with an array of specialties. We partner with some of the top facilities in the nation with jobs in the following areas:

Physical Therapy

Oncology Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy

Respiratory Therapy


SkyBridge Healthcare places Therapy professionals across the United States. Instead of having you sift through a list, let us hear where YOU would like to travel to next. Once we hear from you, we will follow up with pay packages we have available.

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Perks of Travel Therapy professionals

Competitive Pay
One of the biggest perks of being a Travel Therapy professional!

Certification reimbursement
Need a specific license or permit? SkyBridge Healthcare can help.

Per Diem
Tax free, weekly stipend to alleviate the cost of travel expenses.

Explore the country and expand your skillset, leaving the stress of travel arrangements on us.

Ditch the Stress:
Compliance and Licensure

We understand the struggle to keep up with all necessary certifications and licensures. While you’re employed with SkyBridge Healthcare, we offer reimbursement for license and certification renewal.

Let’s make sure you have everything in order:

Health Records




You are paid weekly via direct deposit.

SkyBridge Healthcare handles all behind the scenes work. We provide pay for all immunization and potential licensing, coordination for travel arrangements, and communication with your future Employer.
    • Send your submission packet to your Recruiter. SkyBridge Healthcare will present it to the Client and once a decision is made, you’re on your way.
    • Submission packet consists of updated resume, skills checklist, certification and licenses, professional reference and BLS card.